Dentures & Partials

If you need tooth replacement, you can choose from dental bridges, dental implants, and full or partial dentures. Of these, dentures are the fastest and most economical option to replace missing teeth. 

At Cambridge Dental, Dr. Mark A. Gaona designs beautiful dentures crafted just for your smile using lifelike materials for a realistic appearance. Modern dentures are also lighter, made of more flexible materials, and conform better to the unique contours of your jaw. 

How We Use Full and Partial Dentures

There are two types of dentures—full and partial. Here’s how we use them: 

Dr. Gaona recommends full removable dentures for patients who have lost an entire arch of teeth, either upper or lower dental arch. If you lost all your teeth, full dentures are the most economical way to restore your smile. Full dentures are commonly held in place with dental adhesives and natural suction. You also have the option of choosing implant-supported dentures if you are a good candidate. 

We recommend partial dentures when fewer teeth are missing. Partials consist of an acrylic and metal framework and use existing teeth for support. You can take partials out for easy cleaning and to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly. 

The Benefits of Dentures for Tooth Replacement

Full and partial dentures are often more affordable than many other options, including dental implants, making them a great value for patients looking for an economical tooth replacement. Dentures can also be used as an interim solution until a more permanent option is considered. 

Patients who have opted for dentures find them easy to care for and appreciate that they restore their ability to eat, speak, and smile without feeling self-conscious.

Implant-Supported Dentures for Complete Peace of Mind

Modern removable dentures look, fit, and feel better than they ever did in the past. However, the most common complaint is that they often shift or move unpredictably, leading to embarrassing and awkward moments.

If you would like a more stable solution, you may be a candidate for implant-supported dentures. In this case, 4-6 implants are placed at points along your dental arch, and your custom dentures are designed with attachments that snap onto the implants.

The result is a set of replacement teeth that fit, feel, and function just like real teeth. The implants hold the dentures securely in place because they are rooted in your jaw, and no matter how hard you laugh or sneeze, they will stay securely in place.

Are Dentures the Right Choice for You?

Modern full and partial dentures look realistic, fit comfortably, and are the most economical tooth replacement available. Over the years he’s been practicing dentistry, Dr. Gaona has helped hundreds of patients smile confidently again thanks to dentures.

If you’re considering dentures but need more information before you decide, call to schedule an appointment at our Glendale, AZ dental office. We’ll explain all your tooth replacement options and let you know if full or partial dentures are right for you.